Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Flying through the first week

Dobre utro (good morning) comrades! The first five days in Moscow have flown by so, so fast! Classes start this afternoon, Russian tutoring each evening, and much, much revelry and fun each night. One of my biggest reasons for coming here was to have fun- grad school, prep for marriage, family obligations, and so on can make me feel wrung out sometimes. I LOVE my life with my partner, my friends, and my social life at home, but add the obligations of grad school, fellowship work hours, and family drama, and sometimes it's just a little too much. Having a semester that feels like I am free to float around sightseeing, enjoying classes with just a few hours of work on long term projects for my fellowship. I am soaking up each minute and having a blast.

Much more to say about first impressions, meeting new friends, and dorm shenanigans, but off to class for now.

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