Saturday, January 21, 2012

Emerging from hibernation

I’ve been linguistically constipated for the last few weeks. That, and I haven’t stopped moving since, oh, December 25…West Wing marathon excluded.

I had this fantasy during finals that I was going to get so much done during the break. I was going to work on a reflection article, get two of my papers I have been toying with forever finally submitted to the journals I want to pitch them to, and then- to treat myself for being sooo good- I was going to watch the entire series of the West Wing back to back to back. Welp, at least I kept my date with Sam Seaborn (who would, by the way, point out that this is very crappy writing.)

Just touched down in Moscow yesterday, have lots to write about already but need to take a little post jet-lag nap.

Dasvidaniya until then, comrades.

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