Monday, August 1, 2011

Home again

Just flew back into JFK this morning, slept off the jetlag and enjoying the delicious avocado salad and view at my friend Adam's house. Much as I am grateful to see hot water, dairy products and my fiance, I'm really ambivalent about being back. I feel so overwhelmed by the pace of life and general hubbub of consumer lifestyle...already I have a shopping list put together of shit that really doesn't matter: hairdye, super duper conditioner to avoid split ends, etc. Not that these things aren't nice or looking good isn't important, it's just that all of the ways I interact with the world are dictated by performing the outward roles I embody-heterosexual partner, upper middle class white urban-ite, graduate student- and these roles feel much more defined and rigid here than they do when I am in a setting outside of my regular beaten path.

Much more on this to come.

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