Friday, August 26, 2011

Batten down the hatches;thar she blows!

Is it bad that I am laughing a little at how much DC freaks out in preparation for a storm? Not to be a dick, but we aren't getting a direct hit and we are far enough inland that we don't have to worry about storm swells, et al. Having lived in Miami for a few years, this just seems like overkill, people.

By all means, stock up on your bottled water, your radio batteries, and your canned goods, but puh-lease, remember that in this time of peril you should take full advantage of the fact that Pepco will not be able to get the power on for the foreseeable future, that you will not have to work remotely this weekend because the internet will be down, and that you and your significant other won't have to pick up the cell phones because you can blame it on a down tower.

So, here's my challenge to you, oh beloved adopted city of mine: Stock your wine shelves along with your water supply, grab some trashy magazines along with your flashlights, and enjoy the excuse to watch the 1967 animated series of Spiderman with your friends until the power goes out (seriously, you don't even have to tell anyone).

Unplug, unwind, hole up, hang out, enjoy.

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