Friday, October 12, 2012

Becoming Mrs. Mount

I am literally taking a quick breather- pant! pant! pant!- coming back from my rehearsal dinner and about to head down to the hotel bar...if the title wasn't enough of a clue, I am getting MARRIED tomorrow!!  So thrilled, honored, and completely buzzed off emotion (in case we are just tuning in, I am of the sober persuasion- have mine for me, by all means though!).

As much as I am itching to head down to see all of these incredible people who have traveled from, seriously, all over the country to be with me and Will, I just had to put pen to paper (kind of) to remind myself how deeply, profoundly happy I am in this moment.  It is a rare thing to find someone who makes your heart race- much less after 9 years solid- who feels as close as a brother, as intimate as the best friend you've known since preschool, and who can laugh at your horrible jokes and then kindly, discreetly tell you afterwards that maybe Aunt Elsie didn't need to know about the inappropriate lingerie shower that your mother's friends threw for you (true story).  It may be even more rare to find someone who comes with an amazing family.  My father-in-law elect made a speech tonight that left me and Will with tears streaming down our faces, then my mother made a speech that made us cry again, only happy tears.

I am brimming over with joy.

Also, I finished a 22 page midterm this morning for "Gender and Social Structure".  I just want it noted for the record that this work/life balance shit is covered folks.

Degi last time.

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