Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Lessons learned week three of Ph.D. program

Above and beyond the insights gleaned from 50 hours of reading over the past three weeks, here's a few other epistemological gems I've picked up since embarking on my Ph.D. adventure:

Diet Mountain Dew and jogging are not sufficient substitutes for sleep.

Learning Russian is very hard. Learning Russian via online course at NOVA just plain sucks.

Reading glasses are the shit. Not only do they help your eyes not feel like they are full of sand after 8 hours of writing and reading, as a bonus you look kinda like a naughty librarian.

Paying attention to the expiration date on your Groupons is difficult when you have 98 other things that feel urgent. Result? Inconvenient fun: Captain America last Sunday night, followed by swanky dinner at Park & 14th on Thursday. Who's the super smart hero with a plan now, Steve Rogers? Umm, yeah, right. Not me.

Life is short, sweet and precious. Spending 85% of it under florescent lights reading can vastly increase your appreciation for the finer things of life...like sleep.

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