Sunday, January 9, 2011

Um, yeah…about that.

So it’s been a mere seven months since I last (um, and first) posted. And here we are, time having flown by, and rather than trying to make a profound anaylsis about lessons learned from the past four months, I’ll give you a quick update and move on to more exciting things, like what I’m doing right now…
August: started grad school full time. Met the most amazing group of friends that have embraced me in the full woowooness of cackling radical sisterhood. The whole time I have been into meditation, Law of Attraction, et al I have been calling it ‘juju’. As good juju would have it, I feel in with a pack of women that subscribe to the same awesomeness of being in the flow that I do. They happen to term it woowoo instead of juju, which is fun since in rhymes. So woowoojuju goodness abounds.

September: my birthday I threw myself an awesome (if I may say so myself, which I may, since this is my blog…oh, the wonders of self publishing!) birthday party at a farm in No. VA. Most everyone I hang with drinks and birthday parties generally take us to locales of various bar types. As I am not a drinker and also no takey of the birthday cake type food, I went full out nerd and coerced my friends into visiting a pumpkin patch hopped up on steroids for my birthday. Hayrides, haunted hayfields, and GOAT VILLAGE- Best. Thing. Ever. All amazing. Why? Cause I’m a big nerd, and I super like that sort of stuff.
Also, I received the Edith Clark Nalls scholarship from the Zonta Club of Fairfax to conduct research on sex trafficking in persons, which enabled me to come to Cambodia- where I am writing at this very moment under a mosquito net- to gain greater understanding about gender perceptions and constructions of legal policy makers. More on that soon in other blogs… for now: THANK YOU ZONTA!!!!!!!!!

October: My sister’s baby shower!!! So much fun. The only thing better than having my squishybutt niece Piper Claire around (finally!) was the fun we had anticipating her arrival. Loved it.
November: Turkey day was fun, as I got to be reunited (and it feels so good!) with my bugaloo Will. Post Turkey-day was decidedly NOT fun however, as my lovely partner and I spent the rest of our holiday break locked in law school jail- holed up in Will’s dad’s office studying for finals. There is only so long you can write about rape for a sustained number of consecutive hours before you want to throw yourself and others out a window, and I think I can safely say that I have conclusively determined that that number is 14 hours.
December: YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!! Will and my forced time living apart comes to an end. It’s been a LONG nine months (no babies) of time with him in Miami, me in DC, but thank you Santa that time is done. We spent some time celebrating a very merry codependent Christmas with my fam, and then decided to head for the hills and seek refuge with Will’s family in beautiful D-town Ohio.
Other highlight of December- really the highlight of 2010 overall- was the birth of my amazingperfectdeliciouswonderfulbeautifulfantastic neice Piper Claire, born Dec 7 (after a measly 27 hours of labor) at 7 lbs, 11 ounces, 19 inches long. Best Christmas present ever. Thanks MC and B!!!
Whew- now that you (HA! Like anyone is actually reading this!!!) are caught up with the high points, I’m moving on to more present day fun soon. Night night DC people!

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